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Full Partnership Proposal in USA & UK

Proposal for full partnership in real estate ventures in the United States

In a real estate investments club owned by me and catering to Chinese and Indian investors who purchase properties in the US, Europe & the UK.

The club caters to Chinese and Indian investors who purchase properties in the US, Europe, the UK and Canada.

Dear member,

My name is Gaby Mor, and I am the CEO of GOLDCLUB INVESTMENTS. I put to you a proposal of full partnership in opening a joint venture in real estate investments in the US and Europe. This is an excellent investment opportunity in prime locations, outstanding historic real estate and property purchasing, all offered by our investment club.
This proposal is presented in the form of a letter sent to my past partner, who is now elderly and retired. An actual copy of the letter sent to him, my letter is phrased as a personal plea, as if the reader of this and I are acquaintances.
As mentioned above, I am the owner of the Gold Club real estate investment club, and after many years of dealing with the international income producing real estate, I am looking for a new partner in my success.

The majority of the investors in my club are Indians and Chinese, for whom I broker all kinds of real estate investments.
As mentioned above, I propose a full partnership in my club.
These Chinese and Indian investors’ power as well as their fierce ambition to invest outside the boundaries of their own countries are so substantial, it is almost unperceivable in scope!
This real estate platform involving Chinese and Indian investors has been an unusual experience for me.
It is actually the leading, most powerful business partnership idea in international real estate, which I invite you join me in, as a true and equal partnership and profit distribution enterprise.

The idea behind this business venture is as follows:
The business concept is to market investment properties to investors by putting them in contact with receivers and banks to facilitate purchases at a discount and for bargain prices of repossessed homes, foreclosure and bankruptcy properties, lots, real estate, estates, land and income yielding properties.

Having selected specific properties with substantial anticipated value increase of the investment’s principal – and there are many of them – thegabi annual yield is 5-12%, not including the property’s value, and that is an excellent basis for investment.
For any information or question you might have, go to the club’s web site at www.goldclub-investments.com.

Dear associate,

I ask that you read the attached booklet at your leisure. Reading the explanations I have included in it, you will get a picture of what is behind this business, its development and its great potential.
My appealing to you is indicative of my ambition for further growth and success. Together, we can establish a joint company or operate it independently as partners. We would advertise – as I do – in international media, specifically in China and India, including leading newspapers and magazines and internet sites that will direct investors to this club.
Nowadays, I am connected to dozens of real estate agencies in these countries. I further have a reservoir of hundreds of investment properties, houses, buildings and lots, which I market internationally using my marketing and advertising method that targets middle class – as well as affluent – investors looking for an investment opportunity.
You really have to see it to believe it: the Chinese and Indian investors are very wealthy, globally investing hundreds of millions – and even billions – of dollars every year. With the breaking down of international borders and the spirit of global trade and investments, the number of people coming into money in these countries is unprecedented, and many of them actually seek out my investment club. These two mega states of over a billion people, among which hundreds of thousands possess and represent tremendous purchase power, are an infinite source of business and investments.

Foreign investors can easily access us through the Google International search engine, where the club is always among the first entries, and can look us up on international press, where Gold Club is widely advertised.
I also own a real estate club in the leading social media of Linkedin, where it is considered the number 1 investment club, with the largest membership in global Linkedin.

Following the financial rise of middle class in China and India, and the substantial leap in that population’s investment power, you will be hard pressed to find a single wealthy Chinese or Indian who does not own property overseas; be it Europe, Canada or the US.
The club offers these investors both luxury and regular properties in large numbers. A quick search on Google reveals hundreds of real estate business articles in leading newspapers, such as The Wall Street Journal, referring to Chinese and Indians as the leading real estate buyers in the US, Canada and the UK, who are considered the strongest in the global real estate market. Other American publications in which we advertise are U.S.A Today and The New York Times.

You may access the Wall Street Journal articles in my personal site at goldclub-investments.com.
With all that in mind, dear friend, I had lead the establishment of an advertising agency in both China and India, targeting and referring real estate investors, which demonstrates how this is the best business opportunity in global real estate market these days.
As the largest group in Global Linkedin for investors from all over the world, you may also find us under the name of Foreign Investors International Seeking Real Estate and Business Opportunities, referring hundreds of investors, especially from these countries, to our club every year. I therefore strongly recommend that you visit Linkedin, which alongside Facebook is a very large social media.

It is my great hope to find a powerful and reliable partner, much like my previous partner, for the expansion of my club. The basic idea is purchasing real estate directly from the banks or from real estate agencies. We also plan some construction projects in investment areas and lots in several prime locations in the main US cities, selecting the best possible investment properties out of thousands of properties and projects regularly referred by our club. In essence, we will hand pick these real estate gems out of our massive reservoir. These pearls are properties that are either at great prices or considered improvable, providing a great opportunity for us with their expected value increase in the future as well as their excellent anticipated yields. Some of these properties come from bankruptcy or receiving proceedings; from elderly people selling prime properties they can no longer hold and maintain; bank foreclosed properties and homes; houses with great building rights attached to them, lots adjacent to building projects, which the owners do not wish to develop; other utilization of un realized building rights, as well as thousands of other bank foreclosed houses and apartments in certain areas.

In some areas, where unemployment and crime rates are still high, it is not recommended to invest. We know how to identify these areas and avoid them. Instead, we direct our business to up and coming areas in the US and Europe that are considered excellent investment avenues.
I wish to stress that our business is completely automated and easy to operate. I further wish to point out that this proposal can be suitable to family members or other people trusted by you, who may join me in managing this business. I am ok with whatever mode of partnership that works for you. Be advised that all telephone and e-mail communications, including all the relevant planning and coordination, are handled by our secretaries and office managers.

So, in conclusion, dear friend:
If I was successful in interesting you in this business proposal; if you were able to comprehend the magnitude and power of my club, and you feel that you have what it takes by way of finances and power to join me in promoting this platform, we can venture out together in this amazing journey of a successful company.

Before everything else, this partnership should be a true friendship, based on trust, reliability, integrity and mutual equanimity, maintaining a cooperation of maximal transparency, working together and being happy with each other’s success.
The partnership I have developed works with the banks holding investment properties, real estate agencies and financial institutes holding properties for sale for all kinds of reasons, all across the US, Europe and Canada. The personal and business connections I have built everywhere in these countries lend me tremendous recruiting power in the real estate world.

Please note a very important piece of information: as part of promoting investments in the US, the US government grants B1 visas through which investors can obtain citizenship, so you too, as an investors, may be granted such a visa.
I wish to extend an invitation to you to spend a weekend in the Tel Aviv Hilton in Tel Aviv, the most vibrant metropolis in Israel and one of the most powerful in Europe. Get a feel of the city and tour Israel, which is an amazing country with great weather, and while you are at it, visit the www.goldclub-investments.com web site of global real estate investments.

We can meet in the Tel Aviv Hilton, get to know each other during the weekend and if we find the right kind of compatibility and mutual understanding, we can go forward.

I guarantee you an enjoyable stay in Israel and look forward to meeting you to discuss and develop my proposal together.
Call me at ++972-50-8750827, Israel time or send an e-mail to mor.binyan@gmail.com

Gabi Mor


Email us at contact@goldclub-investments.com
Or Call +972-508750827

Attached is a list of a broad spectrum of different kinds of real-estate that the partnership can promote. We have specialists for the various categories of real-estate, but the final decision regarding an acquisition lies in the hands of both me (Gabi Mor) and you, the business partner. The final stage, the acquisition, will result in rich rewards – truly a win-win situation. Please see the list below:

CEO of an international brokerage club and international real-estate entrepreneur, expert in connecting real-estate agents, entrepreneurs, and individuals with international investors for purchasing all kinds of real-estate: land, plots, buildings, real-estate enterprise, mega projects in collaboration with realtors, specializing in the identification of mega projects, collaborating with private investors and realtors, joint venture projects with government approvals, with institutions, private equity owners and financial bodies, mezzanine capital, capital raisers, commercial real-estate, and income producing real-estate, international trade platforms. Helping clients achieve their individual real-estate goals.

Specializing in connecting players of real-estate to create a winning situation for all.

All types of real-estate, income producing properties, REO-NPN’s, specialist NPN first position REO. SFH to settlement. Big commercial opportunities, national and international, distressed assets, short sales, business development loans, investment opportunities, and luxury development with instant income, lucrative ventures, multi-family condos, tapes individual, multi-family, mixed use, retail, medical offices, assisted living, student housing.

Our company manages a portfolio of real-estate assets and holdings. Real-estate investment opportunities with high COC returns with cash flow and equity.

Currently seeking underperforming commercial properties in good condition in need of property rescue.

Residential manager of international brokerage company, maintenance agency, short sales and REO, development opportunities, distressed assets, beach property development.

We specialize in facilitating joint venture partnerships by connecting top notch commercial developers with proven track records backed by strong finances and capital, with prime commercial land owners.

Investing capital in the US, Europe, Canada, England, and Australia, visa approval, long-stay visa and provision of green card in the US. Good conditions and easy application for investors.

Companies and developers as controller/CFO/VP finance, due diligence, financial analysis, managing and marketing multi-family property, rental and for-sale property, investment deals ranging from small, single family rehab properties to apartment complexes and commercial properties, business development loans, and investment opportunities.

The Gold Club also has relationships with ‘REITS’, Real-Estate Investments Trust, pension funds, and hedge funds

Contact Us


Gabi Mor, CEO of Goldclub Investments International

Tel: ++972-50-8750827

E-mail: mor.binyan@gmail.com

Dear colleague,

Having presented the idea and proposal of partnership, I have received your application, and am glad to respond.

Please note the attached clarifications for our further alliance.

If you chose to call me by telephone, be sure to calculate the time difference factor. I can take calls every Tuesday between 9:30-11:00am (Israel time). Another number available for calls on that day is ++972-77-8690264, and there is a landline in my office. In any case, if it is busy, I am available on my mobile phone no. ++972-50-87508273.

Of course, you can contact me via E-mail at mor.binyan@gmail.com; or send a WhatsApp or SMS message (to no. ++972-50-8750827). Kindly refrain from sending messages via LinkedIn.

Please be advised that I have cleared my Tuesday a.m. hours specifically for overseas business communications.

A veteran in the field of international real estate, I am often invited by investors and potential collaborates to various locations around the world. About 20% of them turn out to be serious and suitable, however, I have found myself wasting valuable time traveling the globe, and that brought me to the conclusion that the best place for us to meet would be the Tel Aviv Hilton.

Anyone serious and determined enough; anyone who is not merely curious, but really interested in this collaboration, would find the effort justifiable. We would obviously talk on the phone or on Skype first – maybe even several times – to test the feasibility of such an alliance, and only then decide if we want to go ahead with such a meeting.

As mentioned in my proposal, Tel Aviv is one of the major business cities in the world, and I strongly suggest that you disregard what you may have seen or heard in the media. Israel is a thriving country; its coastline was chosen among the top ten in the world; the coastline hotels offer top quality service and security; crime is almost zero and personal safety is assured.

Tens of thousands of visitors from the international Hi-Tec community, who see Israel as a leading Hi-Tec superpower, with the most startup ventures worldwide, come to Tel Aviv. Among the guests are also CEOs and company owners, who attend international conferences, and negotiate mergers with – or acquisition of Israeli companies.

Israel is also a pilgrimage for many Christians who visit the holy places in Jerusalem, Bet Lehem etc.,

All of these hundreds of thousands of people enjoy some of the best restaurants, cafes and shops in the world, happily situated along the streets and boulevards of Tel Aviv.

I have recounted all of this in detail to show that Israel has come a long way over the last decade. Tel Aviv is rated among the top ten culture and entertainment centers in the world, offering a warm and welcoming ambiance along with many cultural and recreational options.

I will be very happy if you chose to attend a serious acquaintance get-together. I suggest that you make a long (Wednesday through Sunday) weekend of it, after which, if we feel there is a good connection, we can proceed to do business together.

Let me stress again that in this business, the sky is the limit.


I look forward to your reply regarding my invitation to a weekend of acquaintance and fun in Israel.