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old Full Partnership Proposal in USA & UK

An Address by the CEO of the Gold Club, Mr. Gabi Mor – International Real-Estate Enterprise

An offer for full partnership

A partnership in opening a new real estate firm dealing with purchasing properties in the USA for exceptional bargain prices, as part of the ‘GOLDCLUB’ club – a leading club for foreign investors from all over the world who purchase properties in the USA and England, in a unique opportunity, in places we recognized as unusual historical opportunities.


I am hereby honored to present you with an offer for partnership in opening an international real estate firm that will make real estate purchases, for exceptional bargain prices, due to the unique crisis experienced throughout the world and especially in the USA, Europe and England. The offer herein, addressed to you as a letter sent in the past from a purchaser to an investor and that is why it is presented in this offer, as a letter addressed personally.

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Dear friend,

My name Is Gabi Mor and I am the owner of the Gold-Club-Investments club:

GOLDCLUB -INVESTMENTS.COM – a club specializing in international real estate with ties around the globe; the club I own deals with the purchase of real estate and receives thousands of applications for real estate purchases from all ends of the world, from private investors, the rich and wealthy, foreign investors, companies and various bodies. All of the above are interested in purchasing real estate for exceptional bargain prices in the USA, England and Europe. I in fact offer you to partner with me for 50% and be my right hand for business purposes. If you are busy or unprepared to such a task, I will be glad to receive any individual on your behalf – family members, friends, trusted business people etc.

In this offer I bring before you the best business idea in the world’s real estate field today. I offer a connection between us, I as a top-notch marketing and real estate expert in the international real estate field and you as an investor and strategic partner.

The club I own receives thousands of applications from investors around the world and reaches record levels of real estate deals, an all time high. Investors reach the club in unprecedented rates. It is an existing fact that the foreign investors are those who purchase real estate in the USA and Europe today, and not the Americans themselves. The foreign investors come from China, India, Asia, Scandinavia, and Europe.

In such a situation, the club decides to bring up an advertising campaign for real estate, and thus a situation is created in which the office services I run are not sufficient to take control of the vast amount of applications. The amount of applications is overwhelming and therefore I have decided to examine the option of expanding the business and opening a leading firm for real estate investments. The club has thousands of properties and real estate deals for thousands of investors, and this is where our partnership offer comes along.

The cherry on top is that in fact we, the owners, will create friction and contact with thousands of deals and the inherent advantage is actually that we could easily pick the real estate pearls out of thousands of properties that reach the club after investor purchases. For example – private houses; many houses come from bank foreclosures in the USA’s leading cities such as New York, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Arizona, Miami, Florida, and in Europe’s England, Spain etc.

There exists a possibility to perform deals of property packages directly from the banks in bottom prices. Investments in the USA today are not connected to the USA’s financial state. The American dream remains a goal to many global investors who believe that the USA is still strong and will recover big time. That is exactly what the club I own does; it receives a massive, unprecedented wave of applications, including potential for overwhelming development, especially from non-USA investors.

The new rich and wealthy are in fact the driving force today: they come from Asia, China, India, Scandinavia, and Canada; they are wealthy individuals who are not satisfied with just an apartment or two in their country.

There are investors that buy wholesale, in bottom prices, with a 50-70% discount from the top. Properties simply dropped 50% of their value and in certain areas even 70%. These properties can generate today annual returns ranging between 6%-18%, meaning a super-profitable real estate deal.

Not everywhere, but in certain places only, we will purchase the aforesaid properties for ourselves.

Great returns can be achieved; some places are still untouchable for several years. Actually, the idea of this offer is to expand the club.

You can use my talent and perceptivity as a knowledgeable, experienced real estate expert with a financial strategy. In addition, read carefully the extended partnership offer in chapter B, on the website after this offer, an offer for any real estate enthusiast with an extended explanation. You can read the offer in your spare time as a small 6-page booklet – it regards buildings real estate, lots, private foreclosed houses, commercial real estate apartments, logistic warehouses, malls etc., especially buildings and apartments for exceptional bargain prices in winning locations. The emphasis is not on abandoned areas with a low chance of regaining the property’s value, and not areas having low social-economic status and potential renters are nowhere to be found. We will only purchase real estate in winning locations that provide win-win solutions. This will be real estate that could not be held by the property owners and ownership must be replaced. The new purchaser will make the deal of his life. This is a fact, especially in the USA, due to the big crisis; same goes for England, Europe etc.

Please read carefully the partnership offer on the website in chapter B. An extended offer in the firm’s website WWW.GOLDCLUB-INVESTMENTS.COM; the offer appears after the current offer upon the end of this chapter, chapter A, and of course the partnership offer on the website, partnership offer no. 1.

Dear friend,

History always had times for good business to be made and now is such a time. In fact, these prices will not last much longer. When the aforesaid train turns around, the missing-out will be crystal clear. If it was up to the US civilians, businesses will be jammed for much longer; however, the foreign investors, from the ends of the world, are today’s leaders in USA real estate purchase and therefore coming close to the jumping point is only a matter of several months to a year, before the real estate train changes course.

History saw its pitfalls and the smart, daring and decisive ones that took action and did not say words like “we will wait”, those individuals knew how to seize opportunities on time and reap the fruits when the time has passed, big time.

The club I own performs purchases directly from banks as well, such as foreclosed houses and buildings and property packages (a bulk of properties for a special price) and afterwards sells the units with over 25% profit per unit, after the purchase.

Before the purchase, a development potential identification is performed in the city; for example: in Detroit – the establishing of a car factory that caused the return of hundreds of employees to the city.

At this stage we can purchase from real estate firms, private individuals, directly from the banks, from big brokerage agencies etc. I, the CEO, is in contact with hundreds of real estate agents and banks that hold foreclosed real estate throughout the USA and Europe, and only someone who sits at my desk can see the kind of real estate deals brought before me, and understand how big of a time this is!!
To sum up the partnership offer

The GOLD CLUB website is the first result in Google.com in searches of 70 words that are related to real estate investments, real estate business partnership, business opportunities, real estate investments, real estate properties, real estate foreclosures, partnership for purchasing real estate properties, global entrepreneurship etc.

I have no doubt that in light of my deep understanding and success as the club CEO; I now understand that I have a top club that can, with added power, give birth to golden eggs. Today I publish the firm’s website on the internet: WWW.GOLDCLUB-INVESTMENTS.COM, a top website in Google.com’s first search pages.

In addition, I publish in the world’s leading newspapers; I also publish in additional search engines such as Yahoo! China that has 750 million Chinese viewers, in India, in European newspapers and Scandinavia, and in a wide arc of search engines and websites around the world.

In addition, in the past I have published in the world’s leading newspapers – USA TODAY, Wall Street Journal, New York Times and New York Daily News, Miami Herald, Chicago Tribune and more in a wide arc of newspapers such as the Sun, in London’s Daily Mirror and Independent, and in France’s Belphegaro a wide arc of publications. As a marketing and publishing expert I can recommend the offer’s huge potential and the power inherent in implementing the business idea I brought up before you in this letter.

With such a supply of real estate for purchase and such a large quantity of deals and purchases from all over the world, we can pick the prime properties for ourselves, the hard-to-find pearls; however we will have them in the reservoir just by them being laid on our table. Just to give an example, pay attention to the explanation:

Every week I choose from tens of deals and every month sometimes from hundreds of deals that reach my table, among them are hot properties every week that are thrown to the market from official receivers, bankruptcies, a lack of financial power of the holders who must have money to release them so they will not go under, who need immediate money!! And are willing to go down tens of percentages to not go under; I recognize these deals from a variety of other deals, that we always have at hand in the club.

To sum up the offer,

I will be glad to meet with you for an introductory meeting. I hold meetings at the Hilton hotel in Tel-Aviv on fixed dates. I can say that I am a kind person who believes he can communicate with any individual by being a top-notch sales expert. You can contact me via my office phone in the morning time, my house phone, my mobile phones, and via e-mail.

Have no doubt regarding our success, it is assured!

I wish us good luck; I will be glad to meet with you.

Kind regards,

Gabi Mor,



Email us at contact@goldclub-investments.com
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Attached is a list of a broad spectrum of different kinds of real-estate that the partnership can promote. We have specialists for the various categories of real-estate, but the final decision regarding an acquisition lies in the hands of both me (Gabi Mor) and you, the business partner. The final stage, the acquisition, will result in rich rewards – truly a win-win situation. Please see the list below:

CEO of an international brokerage club and international real-estate entrepreneur, expert in connecting real-estate agents, entrepreneurs, and individuals with international investors for purchasing all kinds of real-estate: land, plots, buildings, real-estate enterprise, mega projects in collaboration with realtors, specializing in the identification of mega projects, collaborating with private investors and realtors, joint venture projects with government approvals, with institutions, private equity owners and financial bodies, mezzanine capital, capital raisers, commercial real-estate, and income producing real-estate, international trade platforms. Helping clients achieve their individual real-estate goals.

Specializing in connecting players of real-estate to create a winning situation for all.

All types of real-estate, income producing properties, REO-NPN’s, specialist NPN first position REO. SFH to settlement. Big commercial opportunities, national and international, distressed assets, short sales, business development loans, investment opportunities, and luxury development with instant income, lucrative ventures, multi-family condos, tapes individual, multi-family, mixed use, retail, medical offices, assisted living, student housing.

Our company manages a portfolio of real-estate assets and holdings. Real-estate investment opportunities with high COC returns with cash flow and equity.

Currently seeking underperforming commercial properties in good condition in need of property rescue.

Residential manager of international brokerage company, maintenance agency, short sales and REO, development opportunities, distressed assets, beach property development.

We specialize in facilitating joint venture partnerships by connecting top notch commercial developers with proven track records backed by strong finances and capital, with prime commercial land owners.

Investing capital in the US, Europe, Canada, England, and Australia, visa approval, long-stay visa and provision of green card in the US. Good conditions and easy application for investors.

Companies and developers as controller/CFO/VP finance, due diligence, financial analysis, managing and marketing multi-family property, rental and for-sale property, investment deals ranging from small, single family rehab properties to apartment complexes and commercial properties, business development loans, and investment opportunities.

The Gold Club also has relationships with ‘REITS’, Real-Estate Investments Trust, pension funds, and hedge funds