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Gabi Mor, CEO
Gold Club Investments
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Gabi Mor, CEO of Goldclub Investments International

Tel: ++972-50-8750827

E-mail: mor.binyan@gmail.com

Dear colleague,

Having presented the idea and proposal of partnership, I have received your application, and am glad to respond.

Please note the attached clarifications for our further alliance.

If you chose to call me by telephone, be sure to calculate the time difference factor. I can take calls every Tuesday between 9:30-11:00am (Israel time). Another number available for calls on that day is ++972-77-8690264, and there is a landline in my office. In any case, if it is busy, I am available on my mobile phone no. ++972-50-87508273.

Of course, you can contact me via E-mail at mor.binyan@gmail.com; or send a WhatsApp or SMS message (to no. ++972-50-8750827). Kindly refrain from sending messages via LinkedIn.

Please be advised that I have cleared my Tuesday a.m. hours specifically for overseas business communications.

A veteran in the field of international real estate, I am often invited by investors and potential collaborates to various locations around the world. About 20% of them turn out to be serious and suitable, however, I have found myself wasting valuable time traveling the globe, and that brought me to the conclusion that the best place for us to meet would be the Tel Aviv Hilton.

Anyone serious and determined enough; anyone who is not merely curious, but really interested in this collaboration, would find the effort justifiable. We would obviously talk on the phone or on Skype first – maybe even several times – to test the feasibility of such an alliance, and only then decide if we want to go ahead with such a meeting.

As mentioned in my proposal, Tel Aviv is one of the major business cities in the world, and I strongly suggest that you disregard what you may have seen or heard in the media. Israel is a thriving country; its coastline was chosen among the top ten in the world; the coastline hotels offer top quality service and security; crime is almost zero and personal safety is assured.

Tens of thousands of visitors from the international Hi-Tec community, who see Israel as a leading Hi-Tec superpower, with the most startup ventures worldwide, come to Tel Aviv. Among the guests are also CEOs and company owners, who attend international conferences, and negotiate mergers with – or acquisition of Israeli companies.

Israel is also a pilgrimage for many Christians who visit the holy places in Jerusalem, Bet Lehem etc.

All of these hundreds of thousands of people enjoy some of the best restaurants, cafes and shops in the world, happily situated along the streets and boulevards of Tel Aviv.

I have recounted all of this in detail to show that Israel has come a long way over the last decade. Tel Aviv is rated among the top ten culture and entertainment centers in the world, offering a warm and welcoming ambiance along with many cultural and recreational options.

I will be very happy if you chose to attend a serious acquaintance get-together. I suggest that you make a long (Wednesday through Sunday) weekend of it, after which, if we feel there is a good connection, we can proceed to do business together.

Let me stress again that in this business, the sky is the limit.

I look forward to your reply regarding my invitation to a weekend of acquaintance and fun in Israel.